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robynne's Journal

moobers ms.
20 May
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most folks are even more scared of me then i am!~
i have been in the "goth scene" for to long
for it to be an asset- although
most of contemporaries have sort'ov melted
into aged physical dilusion
i always thought if U eat like the enemy
then one will soon assume thier appearance
and size
eating - results in age
america want's U to party every single meal'
alot of people i know are on hormones
iv'e been on 'em for no less then 4 years
i'll be the first one to tell U to run & hide
from these hideous creatures, and some naturally
feel the same prompting when i approach....
it's ok...i understand..i would too
i want a face job!~(ya'hear me santafucker!)
i'm into spiritual things but i'm apprehensive
about alot of the'comercial'militiant figues
which come in all sorts of sheep's(phuck'n)
clothing from either side of the wiccan divide
any thing ells we'll see -right?
(stap belt sold separatly), almost nothing at all, and make up!, chaos for god's sake, creature-isms god-ism greif-ism, endless tangents about, music 'the good stuff', transgender